Tuesday, August 13, 2013

את הקשת שלי, את הצבע שלי, את הגון שלי, גוני ♥ You are my rainbow

You are the rainbow 
after my storm 
the sunshine in my heart 
that keeps me warm 

לא מזמן חגגנו 3. הקונספט היה - קשת בענן. ראו כותרת.
הכל על השולחן תוכנן מראש, ומזל!! שעשיתי כמה ניסיונות לפני.
התמונות ידברו צבעוני יותר....
For my daughter's 3rd birthday party I picked a rainbow concept party.
Her name is "Goni" and that's mean "My colour" in Hebrow.
The pictures will speak more colorfully....

The rainbow cupcakes
 How sweet???

And here comes the Bride's cake :)
Started with a hard work 

Continued with a hard work

Goni  3 years old  -"Mazal-Tov"- (congratulation)

 Finished with no hard work
:) :) :)

My project Fit the Birthday Party Ensemble Challenge in the Moxie Fab World 
You can see:
1. buttle tag
2. thank you card and food's name note
3. Baners
With the same concept.

I'm entering this project to the 


  1. WOW what a lucky little girl your daughter is everything looks amazing xx

  2. Hey Anat! Thanks for linking this up to the Birthday Party Ensemble Challenge in the Moxie Fab World! I'm so glad you joined in on all the fun! :)